Parental Values is a mobile application that prioritizes education over other online media: my goal is to increase graduation rates.  It comes with effective parental controls that should already come standard on every child’s phone. In addition to that, children are going to be required to watch a teacher’s video or perform a designated amount of time on Kahn Academy, ABCmouse, etc.. etc.. before my application will allow them online, youtube, chat, etc..

Parental Values will have an optional backend for schools that will allow international classroom chat (translated chat and an intro video, prepopulated questions to choose from).  I will be using google analytics to provide opt-in information about scholarships and foreign exchange opportunities.  I won’t be using pop-up or pop-under advertising, only opt-in targeted interests.

I will be launching on December 18th.  Parental Values is currently in line with financial assistance from the Veteran Affairs, am scheduled to test on 300-400 students in our public school system, and will be going international after my second edition.

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