This mobile application is a survival game based on simple day-today chemistry. The ultimate goal is to support the rise of knowledge of students about chemistry which is already a part of their curriculum in school. Chemistry being a subject not welcomed by most of the students is mainly because it is not widely used today in the modern world as everything is already canned and labelled well so no one needs to go after what is actually in there. Likewise students lack the practical knowledge which is an essential tool for learning subjects like Chemistry. Intention of this game is to make chemistry interesting to students. Here we introduce them different obstacles which can only be survived by means of chemistry using what we provide in the backpack. Surviving is crucial because it determines victory of game.

The game story begins with a young expeditionist who get lost in the forest during one of his research trips into forest. What the user has to do is make him survive until he passes through all the obstacles and find the path out of the forest. There are few items left in his backpack and to continue he might need to buy some other essentials like water bottles, food, fire etc. from The Store. With each victory in his journey he gets coins and bonuses so that he can survive to the next level. The game involves no hard chemistry but simple and interactive chemistry which rules daily in life. So it is no doubt that students will find this competitive and challenging which in other hand makes them more and  more attracted towards chemistry.

Video link :

[The application is only partially completed to show the flow of the game]

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