Round the year, the bibliophiles, who crave for reading novels find it difficult to invest a large amount of money in new books over and over again. Some try to contact their friends and relatives for exchanging their books while others try to sell their old books and buy used ones. 
With this common problem and the possible solution, our idea is broadening the range of this barter system. Instead of exchanging books just with your friends, why not consider each book lover living in your city as your friend? 
With this vision, we have built an android application which connects all the readers on the same platform and enabling them to exchange books and other textual material. 
BookED is an online platform to exchange or donate your books free of cost. Why Recycle when we can Reuse. The donate option will help a lot of students to get Academic Books free of cost who can’t afford books to study. This feature will help in countries like India where Education is still a costly affair.To keep this application free while up and running, we have incorporated Googe Ads as well.
Some of the basic features that we have included are, 
1. Setting up your profile including necessary details 
2. Adding books via scanning of barcode and manual input 
3. Able to maintain a personal bookshelf, for all the books you currently own 
4. Able to see all the books that have been uploaded to the database, and request users for exchange 
5. Books in the nearby areas: Letting users see a map of books all around their place, the same way you see cabs in Uber. 
6. Connect To Users Directly: Contacting via phone and email for easy communication while protecting the user data.
This Application strengthens the idea of 3Rs in its own way, “Reusing paper to Reduce the need to Recycle”
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Team Name : Pikachu
Team Members : Prabhav Gupta( , Rashi Goel(

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