Author: IEEEmadC


BookED is an online platform to exchange or donate your books free of cost. This application will help students to get books who otherwise can’t afford them. And also will let students like me to exchange their novels rather than purchasing every time we wish to read a new one.

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This app is an Hawk eye on the corrupted employees in the government departments. 3 Apps are developed to meet this requirement. One for user to Register the compliant, Second is for Officials to take action on the complaints, Third is for Media and NGO’s to create awareness and to maintain the transparency. The motto is “Justice for all”.

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TENTON App (silicon harvest)

I hope my Tenton App is very useful for Doctors and biomedical research to identify 10 parameters with my Kit and using this app PARAMETERS TO IDENTIFY 1. Human Pulse Rate in Digital and Analog (DAA) 2. Human Respiration Signal in DAA 3. Body Temperature 4. Blood O2 5. Blood Co2 6. Blood Sugar 7. Velocity of Blood 8. Stress 9. Blood related Disease 10. Respiration related disease

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