The rating of the University students is a simple and functional application for teachers and students.


The application has a creative and intuitive user interface and rich functionality.

The student is able to view the profile, change of teachers, who can teach him.

Also, the student has the opportunity to view your rating as just an average rating, overall performance and grades obtained in science and Olympiad activity. So the rating in comparison with the best students.

The application includes a search for all users and search for competitors for a specific authorized student.

The rating is conducted separately for students of different universities and courses, which allows to obtain sufficient objective data.


The teacher has the option to view the profile, change the list of the subjects taught.

Also the teacher has the ability to view, set and delete student grades in their chosen subjects.


For acquaintance with possibilities of the application and view the user interface implemented guest login in the app.


To start and application requires a device that supports the Android operating system KitKat and above, as well as access to the Internet and a free space of about 10 megabytes.


Success in learning with our app!

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