To monitor stress condition of a person by measuring Pulse rate & Respiration rate and to store the data in a PC. Using this we evaluate ten bio medical parameters.To monitor stress condition of a person by measuring Pulse rate & Respiration rate and to store the data in a PC. Using this we evaluate ten bio medical parameters.
Job stress has proven to be a difficult issue for the occupational health community and the labor movement to tackle. Unlike physical or chemical hazards, there is not an obvious tangible hazardous agent. This issue has also been preempted by corporate stress management, health promotion, or employee assistance programs, which explain stress as a purely personal reaction, and often treat the symptoms, not the causes, of job stress.
So we are developing “An Innovative Approach to Improve the Working Efficiency of Programmers in IT Industries by measuring stress level” .The system consist of a Digital Heart beat sensor developed using Micro-Photonics is used to measure Pulse Rate of the person, which is again used as one of the input data to monitor stress. The Respiration rate sensor developed using Biotronics is used to measure Respiration rate of the same person, is used as other input data for stress monitor. These two digital inputs are sent to Microcontroller “PIC” for in board seven segments displays and communicated to Computer via RS 232 for further processing to measure stress. This program to calculate stress is written in Visual Basic as front end and stored in Data Base created using MS Access as back end. This person data base file is then encrypted and communicated to allotted doctor by using Digital Network Communication via e-mail.The calculated stress value is then communicated from computer to microcontroller via MAX 232. This stress value is indicated in Stress Indicator having three pairs of LED.

Here I attach of my google drive link it contains app and video of working my app for your perusal.



I hope my Tenton App is very useful for Doctors and biomedical research to identify 10 parameters with my Kit and using this app

1. Human Pulse Rate in Digital and Analog (DAA)

2. Human Respiration Signal in DAA

3. Body Temperature

4. Blood O2

5. Blood Co2

6. Blood Sugar

7. Velocity of Blood

8. Stress

9. Blood related Disease

10. Respiration related disease



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