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IEEEmadC has a variety of success stories under its portfolio. So far IEEEmadC has been organized three times with more than 800 participants that submitted more than 400 ideas and developed more than 115 mobile applications in total. Furthermore, more than 150 IEEEmadC ambassadors in total have organized numerous lectures and workshops with more than 1000 participants.

Munch, for example, helps individuals improve their awareness of calorie intake along with other nutrients. EyeTyping, allows users to input text into a mobile device using only the movements of their eyes. This is especially useful to assist people with ALS or paralysis.

IEEE Student Member Sangram Chavan, who is studying computer engineering at Pune University, in India, won the competition in 2015. His IEEE Connected Learning app brings together IEEE student members to help them publish their first research article. It provides easy access to various IEEE resources, including IEEE Collabratec, the IEEEXplore Digital Library, and IEEE Spectrum to help gather resources and work together.

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Company logo Big logo on website, social media, t-shirts, certificates, brochures etc. Medium logo on website, social media, t-shirts, certificates, brochures etc. Medium logo on website, social media, t-shirts, certificates, brochures etc.
Opportunity to give prizes to winners with company credits Full opportunity In sharing with other sponsors Brief introduction in IEEEmadC web-sessions
Online presentation about your company and scope to interested student members 1-hour web session 30 minutes web session
Facebook and Twitter Advertising 3 times/week 2 times/week Once every week
Mention in all IEEEmadC related publications All of them Only students related
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Exclusive naming right to IEEEmadC 2018  For the whole competition For the Winners For one award category
Financial Support Required 10,000 USD 6,000 USD 3,000 USD