How Apps Are Built With Us?

Know Your Stuff

Understand the problem you are approaching to all its depths and that your solutions stands true to all the circumstances put forth.


Whether technical people, non-technical people, teenagers, or any other category of people the app is going to be useful for.


Whether Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, Ubuntu etc.


The number of users to benefit are maximum


Compatibility and Interoperability with other applications


Native Apps, Web Apps or Hybrid Apps what suits best for you..


Students are invited to compete with individual or in teams of up to three student members. Any undergraduate, graduate or Ph.D. student can compete. Multiple teams can be formed at the same university. Each team can submit up to 3 different applications. One student can be part of 2 different teams (i.e. one designer can create a design for two different teams). Teams must adhere to the deadline timetable defined on this page, or else their submissions will be invalid. Teams must not accept or use any help from people not in their team. Usage of free and/or open source Internet resources is allowed, but plagiarism and cheating is not.

User interface (UI)

User experience (UX)



Scoring Criteria

Every application is evaluated in 4 categories with a certain number of points for each category. The final score consists of the sum of all points from every category.

Final score = UI + UX + Usefulness + Availability

CategoryPoints% (of final score)Explanation
User Interface (UI) Design:0-3030%design of the User Interface (elements such as colors, fonts, icons)
User Experience (UX):0-2020%functionality, efficiency, logical structure
Usefulness: 0-2020%providing useful information to users (depending on the content)
Availability: 5-2030%the potential number/group of users;

Winner Selection

Winners are selected exclusively on the basis of overall score obtained from each judge during the evaluation phase. The scores from each of the categories are summed to obtain the overall score. Winners will be additionally notified by email before the public release of the contest results.


IEEE may, within its sole discretion, require each prize winner to sign and return an affidavit of eligibility and liability and publicity release, in which each winner consents to the use of his or her name, age, hometown and photo by IEEE for advertising and promotional purposes, without any additional compensation, wherever lawful, as a precondition to award of a prize. If any prize winner fails to sign and return the requested affidavit of eligibility and liability/public release as requested by IEEE, that winner may be disqualified, and his or her prize will thereafter be awarded to an alternate winner from the remaining valid entries using the criteria specified above. No transfer, assignment or substitution of a prize is permitted. All taxes and bank fees that may occur during transfer of cash prizes are solely the responsibility of each winner. All winners applications are required to be published on corresponding online markets within maximum one month after the winners announcement.

Agreement to the Official Rules

By participating in this contest, participants agree to abide by the terms and conditions as established by IEEE. IEEE reserves the right to qualify all submissions and to reject any submissions that do not meet the requirements for participation as established by IEEE.

*Taxes and other expenditures, if any, are the sole responsibility of each winning team member

Use of Entries

No entries will be returned. By entering, all participants consent to the use by IEEE of all the information provided in the entries for marketing or sales promotion purposes without any attribution, identification, right of review or compensation.