At this moment, only global/regional and national events (selection of events is based on IEEEmadC Executive Committee decision) may be eligible for funding. If so, please contact IEEEmadC at ieeemadc@ieee.org.

IEEEmadC doesn’t provide any financial or equipment support for mobile app development. It is preferred that related Section/Student Branch help you sponsor these costs.

All participants (individual or team) information will be kept confidential.

Idea Stage

For now, only university students are eligible to participate. This contest is to encourage student’s interest and inspire them to tackle global challenges utilizing their mobile application development skills and learnings.

Getting a Ph.D. or pursuing Ph.D. is in itself a recognition, though as a Ph.D. student, they are allowed to participate in a team but since this contest aims to support early age computer science and software students preferably from undergrad, who has not yet achieved any recognition or appreciation, it is better if the PhD students or PhD don’t apply but nominate their students to form teams and apply in the contest.

  • If you are participating as an individual, then you must be an active IEEE member. From this year we allow non-members to apply also, however, if they reach a point where their prospective chances are observed to win the contest, they will be requested to take IEEE membership to allow themselves for further judgement process. Overall, the winner will always be an IEEE member.
  • If you are participating as a team, then the team leader must be an active IEEE member. Others are not mandatory.

For now, the contest focused on mobile apps. But interesting and useful solutions using hardware and mobile apps are also accepted.

One up to three members are allowed to form a team.

Ideas can be social, technical, educational etc. related to every day’s life. It is notable that developed applications are understandable and user-friendly. We encourage students to develop applications in accordance with STEM disciplines and aligned with the IEEE goals and values of ‘Advancing Technology for Humanity’. The contest serves as motivation to reach the main goals such as educate and encourage students to build their engineering, team and entrepreneurial skills in order to pursue an engineering career, become more competitive in the industry or start their own company.

Yes, one student can participate in maximum two teams but in different capacities.

Each team can submit up to 3 different ideas and consequently develop up to 3 mobile applications.

IEEEmadC team will notify the participants regarding their idea(s) approval or rejection.

Development Stage

Please visit IEEEmadC Rules page (http://ieeemadc.org/rules) to find more about the contest restrictions and rules. Generally there are no restriction in developing native or hybrid apps and all type of available platforms and programming languages can be used.

Yes, a M.Sc. or Ph.D. student is eligible to act as a mentor. However, mentor who is not a student cannot be a member of your team.

Judging Stage

Yes you can, please send us your proposal to our official email address ieeemadc@ieee.org.


​IEEEmadC encourages these ambassadors to work together and submit an joint report.

  • Ambassadors Guide
  • Ambassadors Presentation
  • Business Card
  • Logos
  • Posters
  • Stickers
  • Social Media Covers
  • Report Template (Idea and Development)
  • Report Sample (Idea and Development)

Yes, you can find the appropriate template and one sample in the Ambassadors’ Kit. However, we encourage creativity, so go ahead and become creative, you can send us a presentation, paint us a picture, sing us a song and even record a video, the purpose is to feed us back with what you have been doing, we value creativity.

If you think this will be much valuable than doing it individually, please go ahead, again we value creativity and encourage team-work, but make sure everyone in the team have some distinctive role specifically so while submitting a report, which any one can submit on behalf of everyone, it should mention what each ambassador in a team was specifically tasked to do.

No. You have to submit one form for one task.