Kwanso – SMUGhana

Team name: SMUGhana Idea: The developed application is useful in overcoming congestion challenge in Ghana which is a major drawback leading to over consumption of fuel, deployment of many traffic supervisors and causing death due to pollution of the air by combustion fuel. In order, to conquer these shortcomings, we developed a novel mobile application…

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Team name: Munch Idea: Help individuals improve their awareness of food education through a mobile app. Using the devices camera, the app will determine what food the user is eating and track calories along with other macronutrients. In addition to tracking the nutritional properties, the app will also contain a system that will recommend foods…

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IEEE Hub – Midas

Team name: Midas Idea: IEEE Hub helps members discover more of the events and in-depth news articles from the different IEEE websites and societies on their smartphones. The app will also have features for offline access and bookmarking of events and articles.The app will help make IEEE resources more accessible through smartphones and promote IEEE…

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