NCV Tester

Team name: N/A Idea: This android turns your cellphones into a non contact voltage tester, in order to use a magnetic field sensor integrated on our smartphones. This app can be used in industrial areas to detect electrical hazard sites activating an alarm to prevent a possible contact between these areas and the user Region:…

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Team name: N/A Idea: Our project is to implement a mobile application to support communication and leaning for children with autism spectrum disorders. This app digitalizes the card booklet for every ASD student to improve the portability, and makes it possible for ASD children communicate with others over a distance. We also implement Estimode Beacons…

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IEEE Papers – techFetal

Team name: techFetal Idea: This application provides each member with another different features related to the papers which are: Each member can create an account in “IEEE papers” application by providing his information and his IEEE membership number, the application will then validate the user membership number and create the account successfully. Each member can…

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