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Eye Typing

Team name: VaSko

This mobile application aspires to be a step towards ubiquitous gaze tracking using handheld devices. The ultimate goal is to assist people with ALS, lock -in syndrome, tetraplegia or any other people that can only move their eyes with using their handheld device to communicate, browse the Internet or facilitate other everyday tasks.

The eye type application consists of a visual keyboard, whose keys are “clicked” by estimating the user‟s gaze (line of sight). Instead of using the traditional QWERTY keyboard layout, which would make it very hard to accurately determine which key the user is looking at, the application’s main layout comprises of a several large keys. Text is composed using predictive text input, which depends on the combination of the keys clicked (each containing a specific subset of letters). The visual keyboard layout consists of four keys at the corner of the screen containing the letters of the alphabet equally distributed (hence making them “ambiguous” keys) and three control keys (in order to accept a word, correct mistypings and scroll through the predicted words).

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Region: R8 – Africa, Europe, Middle East

Section/Student Branch: University of Patras Student Branch

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