Though our Science and Technology is reaching greater heights day by day, but we couldn’t solve the basic real time problems.One such thing is Corruption .So, We Choose this as a platform to solve it,and come up with 3 Android Applications and  respective 3 Websites.

This app is an Hawk eye on the corrupted employees in the Government departments.

3 Apps are developed to meet this requirements.

  • One for user to Register the compliant.
  • Second is for Officials to take action on the complaints.
  • Third is for Media and NGO’s to create awareness and to maintain the transparency.

The motto is “Justice for all”


  1. First,user needs to register in the app and then login to  “Add Compliant” or “View Compliant” which he has filed. In Add Compliant, user has to select the Department,then the locality,name of the person and Amount demanded. We have also given an provisional to upload the Proof of the compliant(if any).In view complaints he can also add comments and also the provision to close compliant. Can be seen at- https://corruptionanti.000webhostapp.com/
  2. This is meant for officials(Higher position than the culprit) of the department.These logins are given by us and they can View complaints, Add comments and tell the Public what steps are taken against the issue.Can be see at – https://corruptionanti.000webhostapp.com/officials
  3. This is for the NGO’s and Press.This is given in view that the officials may in-turn demand money from Subordinates to close the compliant.So, With the inter-vision of NGO’s and Press,than can be controlled, and other general public can know the corrupted officers and more transparent system is maintained. Can be seen at –https://corruptionanti.000webhostapp.com/others/ 

By this, we think 70-80% of the Corruption can be frozen,as the whole world is suffering with the disease called CORRUPTION, Our App can be a solution to it,with the use of technology.


Android Apps, and Websites are Developed

Websites live at- https://corruptionanti.000webhostapp.com/

Source Codehttps://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B13_bwL5BIjPbEpsUi1xSWZsU2s?usp=sharing

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/D_AjGb-bimk


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